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Tangled Earth Arts by Addy Neilson

Purple Sunset Anodized Titanium and Stainless Steel Scale Earrings

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Thank you all for shopping handmade this year! Every purchase really makes a difference to small businesses like myself. If you want to stay updated on upcoming new pieces, sales and my monthly bonus gifts, you can follow me on facebook or instagram: *************************************** These earrings are both elegant and unique. The scales hang gracefully for a classic appearance and the bright, colorful scales lend a fun fantasy inspired edge to any look, without being overwhelming. The titanium scales are hand anodized by me in a one of a kind striped pattern, like the strata in stone or the clouds of a sunset. Coupled with polished stainless steel scales, these earrings are lightweight and slinky The ear-wires are titanium, perfect for people with metal sensitivities. The earrings measure approximately 1.5" long and .5" wide. Because the titanium scalesa are hand anodized by me, each one is one of a kind, so your earrings will not look exactly like the ones pictured. They will be completely unique to you. See the last picture in the listing for an example of the kind of variation that can occur.